Scania Truck Driving Simulator 2012

As you might know, SCS is working on a paralel game to release until ETS2 comes. It is called Scania Truck Driving Simulator. The screenshots tell everything you need to know. To display the image and information "Read More" Download is Scania Truck Driving Simulator mods ? click here 1 - Drive - Driving Mode In this mode, try to take the class C driver's license. 2 - European Truck Driver Competition We wrote earlier in this mode will participate in competitions. 3 - Reaction Test Mode Reflexes of different conditions designed to control the drivers. 4 - Scania Test Track Mode This mode is a town in Sweden, Scania pistta special tools designed to test. 5 - Extreme Mode - A mode designed to carry cargo under difficult conditions. Trucker series such as Extreme ... 6 - Free Driving Mode - This mode specified by the producer as I wrote above, the transport will do the task in some countries. Extreme Trucker 18 Wheels games have been a mod style. Improved tools and maps, this game will be irresistible. New images about the game ... [gallery]

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16 Responses

  1. mirambo says:


  2. burak yakan says:

    oyun çok güzel,ben indirdim fakat şifre istiyo lütfen şifresini verirmisiniz

  3. burak yakan says:

    oyun çok güzel ben indirdim fakat kuramadım çünki şifre istiyor lütfen şifresini verir misiniz?

  4. ahmed says:


  5. tony009 says:

    like truck

  6. alex says:

    alguien me puede decir cuando sale el juego?todos los dias dicen fechas distintas y aun nada.

  7. alex says:

    ya salio el juego?

  8. bob says:

    that is alsome

  9. bob says:

    that is allsome

  10. colin says:

    dose this new game have mods to put in the game so we can use them

    and if it dose where do i get them mods from so i can put them in to the game

  11. danielle says:

    it is made ok so downlond

  12. tambura123freakasd says:

    I download it and I don’t know how to fuel my truck.. I stop on gas station near fuel,and try to turn off truck and wait,but,nothing… HOW TO FUEL TRUCK????

    • Trucker says:

      Try and make sure the cabin is on top of the circle with a drop in the middle at the gas station.

  13. ermin says:

    ay love simulators games this game is awsome

  14. Widy says:

    It’s awsome,like real truck.. This is the finest game of the few truck simulator I’ve played, but if ETS2 could be comparable to this?? I hope.
    and hopefully this game more and more mod anymore, because the map is very limited.

  15. Norwaytrucker says:

    There is no usage of fuel simulated….